Leading a Beauty Brand Chair

The First Training for Excellence dedicated to the Beauty Sector

A word from the Founder
Véronique Drecq, Adjunct Professor ESSEC Marketing Department, and Executive Director, Leading a Beauty Brand Chair ESSEC Business School

The Leading a Beauty Brand Chair is the first training for excellence in Europe dedicated to the beauty sector. Founded in January 2020, its objective is to provide students with a highly comprehensive vision of the challenges facing beauty professionals in the new world, after the 2020-2021 major global health crisis.

Trust and a shared vision of the beauty industry unite the founders (corporate partners and the ESSEC team) and connect all the players, bringing a unique spirit to the Chair’s activities.

Our Chair is driven by a passion for beauty and the search for excellence in understanding the challenges facing this industry, while promoting goodwill, curiosity and open-mindedness in all the interactions between the Chair's stakeholders, which are:

The Chair prepares future young leaders for a successful career in this promising sector.

It promotes privileged thematic exchanges between major companies, start-ups and students, interactions that aim to enlighten students on their future professional choices and it is in perfect line with ESSEC’s teaching and training objectives.

Boarding the Chair will enable you to:

  • Develop your ability to solve complex situations by providing innovative solutions. Ability to make people adhere to the team’s vision and to stand up for its suggestions before the Chair's corporate partner representatives.

  • Increase your sense of leadership: initiative-taking by developing, through role-playing, teamwork, field projects, field trips, a collaborative approach, etc. The various activities will enable them to demonstrate their capacity for analysis, decision-making and agility to perform.

  • Integrate collective issues, i.e. to be able to integrate societal, cultural and ethical concerns in future professional practices.

  • Become a respected proactive force so as to develop a virtuous dynamic in the world of beauty for a more responsible beauty and greater transparency in the industry.


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